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Golden-Oaks D Lovesong-ET GP-83-USA 2yr.
Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA


  • Koning TARZAN embryos out of DG OH Lovebird +2.73 PTAT
  • DG Lovebird is the former #1 GTPI & #3 PTAT Chops in Europe
  • Grand dam Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA was the former #7 TYPE cow in the breed!
    DG Lovebrid is the full sister to Lambada @ Ascol
  • 3rd dam: Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94-USA
  • Same family as Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92, Leona EX-96 & moreChops x GP-83 Doorman x EX-91-USA Atwood x Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94-USA


SIRE: Koning TARZAN [more info]

DAM: OH DG Lovebird | Goes back on Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92-USA
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