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Highlights December 2023 proof – Type Sires

Looking for great TYPE? AI-Total has a impressive lineup with ‘complete’ TYPE sires! Hereby some highlights of the new proofs on our intriguing TYPE sires:

515HO00486 SHG LEGO (Fitters Choice x Avalanche *RC x Doc) and 515HO00485 SHG LAZER *RC (Haxl x Avalanche *RC x Doc) are two brothers from the MAX-scored 2yr. Old in Denmark: SHG Avalanche Liv VG-89-DK 2yr. (MAX) going back on Lottos Atwood Lizette EX-94-USA 3E 4. Lego is the #1 PTAT bull in the breed at +4.99 PTAT with great production figures (+446 Milk / +0.01% Protein) and as well the Beta-Casein A2A2 and Kappa-Casein BB. Lazer *RC is the Red Carrier brother to Lego with +4.35 PTAT and +872 lbs Milk with +0.08% Fat and +0.02% Protein. Lazer is as well carrying the Beta-Casein A2A2 and Kappa-Casein BB.

515HO00484 DG BLACKBURN (Davinci x Haniko x Undenied): is the new TYPE sensation (+3.64 PTAT) in AI-Total’s portfolio. He guarantees for a flawless linear with optimum set of legs and sloped and correct rumps! As well he provides great production figures (+457 lbs Milk / +0.05% Protein) with healthy udders (2.85 SCS / +2.0 Mastitis Index ). His dam is Haniko daughter Gen Bibian VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., tracing back to the Barbie’s en close family to the TYPE sensation CRUSHTIME & CRUSHABULL. Blackburn is available sexed (UltraPlus) and conventional.

515HO00383 EBA DAVINCI (Dylan x Sillian): his very first milking daughters are bringing a lot of excitement and already competing on the coloured shavings of National Shows! Davinci is one of the few GTPI bulls in the breed combining >3.10 PTAT, positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate and sloped rumps. He combines these great figures with high protein (+0.11% Protein), healthy udders (+1.3 Mastitis Index), one of the greatest type linear you can find in the breed with different & outcross blood!! Davinci is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

515HO00353 NH DG ARROW (King Doc x Monterey x Mogul): added >500 daughters to his proof! He is bringing the ultimate combination between Strength & Dairyness, in combination with Wide & Sloped Rumps and amazing UDDERS! His daughters are making huge impression in the show ring and commercial barns all around the World, which makes him again gaining on his GTPI and PTAT index this December 2023 run! Arrow is available conventional and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen (UltraPlus).

733HO00007 Ernest-Anthony HAVE TOO *RC (Latenite-P x King Doc): is an +3.24 PTAT / +2571 PTAT Red Carrier Latenite son of the Nom. All-American Milking Yearling 2019 and full sister to the EX-96 ‘One Million’ Doc daughter: S-S-I Have Not 8783 EX-92-USA. Have Too *RC provides huge production figures for the TYPE and R&W breed (+1335 Milk / +0.01% Fat / +0.02% Protein), Beta-Casein A2A2 and a perfect linear: correct rumps, positive teat length and High & Wide attached udders (+3.99 RUH / +4.21 RUW). Have Too *RC is availabe conventional and sexed.

733HO00005 Oakfield TSTRK FOOTPRINT (Thunder Struck x Solomon): the DIRECT son of the reigning SUPREME Champion World Dairy Expo 2022 & Reserve Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2023: Oakfield Solom Footloose EX-97-USA!! Footprint provides one of the best balanced linears you can find with a positive teat length, Wide and Sloped Rumps, strong and high attached udders and optimum set of legs (+1.02 RLS / +1.18 RLR) resulting in +3.06 PTAT. This Trunder Struck son has 2x World Dairy Expo Champions in his pedigree and goes back to Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-USA!! Footprint is available conventional and sexed. 

515HO00371 Siemers HAVE IT ALL (Excalibur x King Doc) is a UNIQUE sire in the breed combining >2740 GTP and >3.40 PTAT!! His very first daughters are calving in at this moment, with already two VG-2yr. Olds in Canada with having one the MAX-score of VG-87 for her Mammary System. Furthermore Have It All provides great production figures (+647 Milk/ +0.20%F / +0.06%P) and Beta-Casein BB. He is an Excalibur x Siemers Doc Hanker EX-94 x Siemers Monterey Hanker EX-91 x Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94. Have It All is available conventional and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen (UltraPlus).

515HO00448 DGF PSG (Davinci x ): this early DAVINCI son excels in high TYPE figures in combination with great production (+479 Milk / +0.12%F / +0.08%P) and health figures (good fertility and 2.89 SCS). This Beta-Casein A2A2, Kappa-Casein BB has a FLAWLESS linear with Sloped Rumps and positive Teat Length which results in +214 GTPI and +3.44 PTAT. He is from the combination Davinci x King Doc x Monterey and goes back on a new upcoming French cow family to Vanina EX-91-FR (s. Ford). His King Doc dam scored VG-85-FR as a 2yr. Old in France recently. PSG is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

288HO00216 Siemers Lambda HANIKO (Delta-Lambda x Monterey): is the top daughter proven UDC sire in the breed >94% Reliability and >0.09% Protein! At the World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair he brought many classwinners and also in Europe his daughters are leaving quitte an impression. Haniko provides lots of type (+3.55 PTAT) with a great GTPI index of +2589 GTPI and goes back on Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94. Haniko is available conventional and Sexed.

515HO00384 Mr Aija Mirand MOOI P *RC (Mirand x King Doc x Commander): is one of the leading Mirand sons in the breed! He provides superb udders (+2.98 UDC) with lots of milk (+966 Milk) and wide and sloped rumps with positive teat length. He comes from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 GMD DOM family. Mooi P *RC is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

3 DAVINCI daughters @ Anderstrup Holsteins – Denmark
From left to right:
– Anderstrup 10073
2.02 yr. / 62 days fresh / 41,4kgM 4.2%F 3.3%P 27 SCS
– Anderstrup 10107
2.00 yr. / 28 days fresh / 46,5 kgM 25 SCS
– Anderstrup 10067
2.06 yr. / 117 days fresh / Avg. 44,8 kgM 4.0%F 3.4%P 22 SCS

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