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Welcome to Prosire Genetics Limited

Prosire Genetics is a company in Cyprus, Europe dedicated to Holstein genetics and bovine semen distribution.
Prosire Genetics in cooperation with AI Total Netherlands is providing quality semen from selected bulls to dairy farmers and breeders.
Our aim is to provide the dairymen the total package choosing from the best, this can result increasing pregnancy success, increasing income and establishing foundations for their farms with quality, healthy and profitable cows. Prosire Genetics, can be your partner can be your friend, assisting you achieving your goals!


Η ιστορία των Wagyu εκτός Ιαπωνίας

1. Αρχική Εξαγωγή:    Τη δεκαετία του 1970, ένας μικρός αριθμός βοοειδών Wagyu εξήχθησαν από…

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Highlights December 2023 proof – B&W Genomic Sires

The December 2023 Sire Summary includes great results for the AI-Total Black & White genomic…

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Highlights December 2023 proof – Type Sires

Looking for great TYPE? AI-Total has a impressive lineup with 'complete' TYPE sires! Hereby some…

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Wagyu Meat Health Benefits

Οι ιδιότητες που περιέχονται στο μαρμαράρισμα (λίπος εντός του μυός) του βοδινού κρέατος Wagyu συσχετίζονται…

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Chiyotake Maternal Line

Η μητρική γραμμή Chiyotake έχει γνωρίσει επιτυχία σε όλο τον κόσμο, αλλά είναι ιδιαίτερα εμφανής…

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Hikokura Maternal Line

Η οικογένεια Hikokura είναι μία οικογένεια με μεγάλη σημασία στη φυλή Wagyu. Αυτή η οικογένεια…

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Mr. complete: MARTIN

You name it, MARTIN delivers it:  3031 GTPI, $ 1026 NET MERIT, PTAT +1.69, extremely…

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Incredible FRESH Arrow dtr in Switzerland!!

WOW!! Take a look at this incredible and one of the very first FRESH DG…

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515HO00404 – MADMAN (A2A2/BB)

Η Prosire Genetics παρουσιάζει ένα νέο ταύρο με κορυφαία χαρακτηριστικά σε παραγωγή, υγεία και μορφολογία...τον…

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515HO00353 DG NH ARROW his first daughters are impressing at Junior Shows all around the…

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We still got the BLUES for you!!!

It's a great time for the users of 515HO00336 Rhala Re BLUES-RED, as his first…

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MITCHELL #1 dtr proven TPI bull 2.6 PTAT!

An incredible run for 515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL, with more milking daughters in the United States…

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Armagedon P daughter wins Supreme Champion at the SWISS Junior Expo Thun

515HO350 Mr DG Armagedon P daughter Fankis Armagedon Australia P has won the Supreme Championship…

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