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Topro – Animal Health

Keep animals healthy

We help dairy farms, sheep farms and other livestock farms to produce sustainably by keeping the animals healthy, which increases the life-time production per animal. When things threaten to go wrong, timely adjustments in every detail are important.


Cow programm

A dairy cow lasts more than three lactations on average and has a lifetime production of approximately 26,000 kg of milk.Extending the productive lifespan of dairy cows from three to five lactations provides many advantages.

The bio health cow program helps to keep your animals healthy. Healthier animals are more productive and more profitable. Healthy livestock is also very important from the point of view of sustainable production and animal welfare!

From our practical experience and research, we know in detail what it takes to keep animals healthy and to let them perform optimally. The cow program gives you a better insight into the pain / bottlenecks (pain, discomfort, disappointing production results) on your farm and the relationship between them. This makes preventive intervention and adjustments to details easier. Timely identification is of great importance here. All this contributes to a healthier herd.

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